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A series of podcasts on learning Irish aimed both at beginners and fluent speakers.

These useful and authentic conversations in Irish focus on everyday usage. Taken from Gaelteanga’s Online Irish Self-Study Courses.

This is your chance to learn useful phrases that you can use in everyday contexts and really impress your friends! Presented by Gaelteanga’s Éamonn Ó Dónaill.

This comprehensive guide to making the best use of the online resources available to Irish speakers will really help you develop your written skills in the language.

Would you like to find out what standard of Irish you have? Then, try Gaelteanga’s Online Irish Test! It's challenging but fun!

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Different aspects of Irish grammar explained in simple everyday language.

As well as translations for the English content, the New English-Irish Dictionary also contains grammatical information and sound files.

The website enables the user to search for dictionary entries, grammatical information and sound files for any individual word.

This is the national terminology database for Irish and it contains around 186,000 bilingual entries, searchable in Irish and in English. contains the placenames data, records and research of the Irish State. It is a public resource for all those who appreciate the rich heritage of Irish placenames. is the main online news website in Irish. It includes a dictionary add-on that enables the user to click on any word and get an English translation of that word.

GaelSpell is a popular and powerful spell checker that helps find and correct Irish language spelling mistakes as you type in Microsoft Word and other Microsoft Office apps.